What's Paypal Pro Like?

I was thinking about using it as my current processor is getting pretty ****py.

Is Paypal Pro any good? Whats the CS Cart implementation like?


Paypro Pro i think is what the old Verisign Payflow pro was. Paypal bought out Verisign gateways.

I think they are great.

Not sure about CS’s implementation.

I’ve been using PayPal Pro for about a year now, and recently switched to CSCart. I’m thrilled with it because the prices are cheaper than most other merchant accounts, and the money is immediately in your PayPal account after someone makes a purchase. My old processor would take 3-5 days to transfer the money to my bank account.

The other good thing is the ability to print shipping labels right from PayPal wiht no extra charge. Their shipping information is filled in automatically. This saves me a ton of time in shipping, and saves me the expense of using services like Pitney Bowes or Endicia.

tjmaxwell, is it “Paypal” or “Paypal Pro” you are using? I currently use “Paypal” and it takes a number of days to transfer the fund to our bank account also.

But that’s not a problem for me, I’m more interesting in how it works within CS-Cart as I believe it allows the customer to enter the card details into a form on your website, rather than Paypal’s standard form.

I’m using PayPal Pro. It’s true that you still need to wait a few days for PayPal to transfer money to your bank account, but my point was the money was in the PayPal account immediately, so I could actually use it right away if I needed to.

PayPal Pro works just like any other merchant processor within CS-Cart. You do not leave your store front when you pay using PayPal Pro. There is no indication that the buyer is using PayPal at all if they just pay with their credit card.

Here is a hidden benefit to using paypal pro.

You can sign up at no charge to use the paypal money market account which is paying 5.03% right now. The money goes into it right away. This way, I float my money for about 25 days… My customer orders and the money goes into the account making interest - thirty days later I have to pay my vendor. It covers a bit of the cost of accepting the cards to begin with.