What you like for CS-CART Future?

What do you like for the Future developing of cs-cart?

Please remember wich advantages you get with this or the other options and what for cons you get.

If you choose “Fix all Bugs in next CS-Cart Releases untill all Bugs fixed”, there will never be any future additions. People will then be complaining that CS-Cart lacks the functionality of other carts. CS-Cart does not exist in a vacuum and must be able to compete against other carts AND address their problems.

That said, the developers should focus on fixing the bugs already identified. I think the developers were a little too ambitious with v2 which included a complete refactoring of code as well as many new features. It appears to me that they are now getting a handle on many of these issues and my hope is that the new code structure will make it easier to both add new features and identify and fix problems when they occur.

They could also provide a number of enhancements that are straightforward. For instance:












All of the above (and many other posts in the Bug Tracker) are straightforward and local in terms of the code affected. Most would require a programmer less than a day to implement. They are not monumental improvements but they would improve usability and probably help to limit the frustration of many first-time users. You could also include most the items in sno’s post:


Perhaps they should consider a tick-tock schedule of bug fixes, then bug fixes and major new features.


[QUOTE]CS-Cart does not exist in a vacuum and must be able to compete against other carts AND address their problems.[/QUOTE]

Well Put Bob!

My thoughts are, that as far as overall available features, I feel CS-Cart is looking pretty good “right now” compared to the competition. I would like to see them do a final release on the long awaited Live Help, and then focus the next couple months on nothing more than just finishing up the completion of the dwindling list of bugs still remaining in 2.0.11 as well as perhaps making some improvements to current functionality in the areas of shipping for example.

Well I chose ‘Fix all Bugs in next CS-Cart Releases untill all Bugs fixed’ too.

I would be happy for new addons to sit on the backburner and the CS-Cart team to spend their allocated time for 2.0.12 & 2.0.13 on the following;

  1. All bugs from the bug tracker investigated and fixed and also more in depth testing by CS-Cart. I would like 2.0.12 to be the most stable version ever.

  2. Improve the overall performance. There must be a lot of areas that can be improved on but CS-Cart probably never find the time because of producing addon after addon by request.

  3. This relates to above but I would like major time spent on improving the skins. The code in most of them is far too bloated (some of the worst cases of divitus & classitus I have seen) and the style sheets are not very well optimised. I’m 100% confident that they can be cut down by half in filesize if the time was spent on them. If you have ever customised the cart beyond changing a few images and font colours you will know what I am talking about.

I hope cs-cart dev team will consider the wishes of all customers and find a solution of it.

Also Cs-Cart Team know now about this poll!

The biggest issue for me is correcting how taxes are calculated and ensuring PCI compliance.

These are 2 things that will/are directly affect sales.

i am not sure if this affect the sales, because what have it to do with the sales? ok if the tax wrong, but you mean everyvody calculate the taxes if they are wrong? Sure not. And PCI compliance, what do you mean, what is wrong with it? I havent used it, therefore i dont know the problem about it.

Taxes are calculated on the non-discounted total which is incorrect in the US and many other places.

You won’t be able to process credit cards on your site if it is not PCI-compliant starting lated this year. CS-Cart cannot make any site PCI-compliant (there are a number of requirements that need to be addressed by your hosting provider) but they can get their payment processing code certified as compliant. They really need to do this as other shopping carts will be certified (e.g., X-Cart plans on being certified).


And what is that ?


Software vendors are required to inform their customers of what is required to run a PCI-compliant site. That is what this page does (note that it is a copy of the requirements posted at [url]https://www.pcisecuritystandards.org/security_standards/pci_dss.shtml[/url]

The real question is whether or not the payment modules are fully compliant. CS-Cart implies that they are but they have not been validated. You can see a list of validated shopping carts at:


CS-Cart should get themselves validated both for the benefit it provides customers and and also for competitive advantage.


Tried to vote, but the POLL IS CLOSED ! ?

I agree - CS-Cart needs to be PA-DSS validated before the July 1 deadline:


I also think the checkout needs to be improved. Customers need feedback on why their payment fails, and they shouldn’t see an order created in their account if it fails. I have too many customers who aren’t very net-savvy and they get confused easily.

Sales reports are rather useless. They need to be improved so we can actually see totals over a time period.

I’d like bugs fixed of course and I don’t go too crazy over new features.

Yes, sorry i have shoulded made this Poll for a longer time opened. But you can write you meaning in the issue of the Poll!