What Would Cause "https" Image To Be Better Than "http"?

Version 2.2.2, cleared cache, the var/compiled folder and disabled SmartOptimizer

All the images including thumbnails are severely degraded but when I look at the image path, the only difference is the https & http. I’m completely stumped. What would cause this? If I see https URL of the image it’s the same uploaded quality. But the cart is pulling all http which is normal but is severely degraded.


I’ve also tried different browsers including FF & Chrome…same results.

Well it wasn't the software nor the server; found out that Sprint wireless apparently is compressing the images which happens often all over. I use Sprint a lot during work hours to tether data. Most images within 150 pixels or less were all getting compressed (but Flickr was okay???). As soon as I got home and checked the website, everything works like nothing ever happened.