What Web Hosting Can Do For Ecommerce Business Besides Storing Files?

We are proud to be more than a storage space for our clients. From the very beginning, we wanted to become their partners and provide the hosting solutions moving the ecommerce business of our customers forward. In this article, we want to share some cases when Amazon Cloud Hosting service went further than clients expected and contributed to the business success.

DDoS protection

“You shall not pass!”

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is an attempt to make an online service unavailable by overwhelming it with traffic from multiple sources. They target a wide variety of important resources, from banks to news websites, and present a major challenge in making sure people can publish and access important information.

We’ve learned to detect the harmful traffic quickly and prevent the attack. Our protocols are not perfect, but they already proved to be effective. We are constantly improving the protection service by combining machine automation and human investigation.

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Bad code detection

“I also like to live dangerously!”

Applications are not ideal, as well as the code. The errors may occur when you don’t expect them to, even in the most common and routine situations. They can be caused by the quality of the core code or due to the integration or upgrade. The versions of the collaborating applications might not match and result in the overall system failure. But the most common reason for the errors inside the application code is the human factor. It often happens when the website owners change the development team or perform upgrade by themselves.

Though we encourage our customers to learn more about programming and software configurations, we always warn them that some manipulations have to be left for the professionals as they can affect their ecommerce business stability and security.

Due to our Service policy, we manage only the server, we don’t manage the applications installed by the customer. Nevertheless, it’s our concern to have the customer’s business online and successfully growing with no interruption. That’s why we decided to monitor the application performance regularly and inform the owners about anything we find that can slow down the website or cause critical errors. On the top of that, we are the most loyal CS-Cart fans and we’ve studied it throughout the years perfectly. We know the weak points that need precise monitoring.

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Recovery after sabotage

“Consider that a divorce!”

Another human factor that can influence the online business in a negative way is the former staff. After parting ways with developers the employer does not bother to withdraw their access or at least change the password. Some fired employees often get insulted and try to take revenge.

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Hosting expenses reduction

“Show me the money!”

To optimize hosting expenses, sometimes knowing the basic specification is not enough. More often you have to know how server applications and services work together. It can happen that your slow website does not need some extra resources which will cost you another $100 a month. Sometimes you can increase the performance and cut expenses at the same time by fine-tuning the services.

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Load speed increase

”Ride or die, remember?”

Taking on new clients we conduct the complex audit of the entire infrastructure to increase the website load speed to the maximum possible. Unlike other hosting services, we look for the opportunities where no one does – in the client’s software. We don’t manage it, but we can point out the weak spots which can be improved. We do it for two reasons – we want our clients to live forever and grow faster, and we know the software and know where those points of growth hide. We can do it, so why not!

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