What Required Files Need To Upgrade ?

I am using 2.1.4 Pro version and would like to upgrade to the latest version… I am using modification codes to make the site different than default one… So i am wondering which files is necessary to upgrade cs-cart store without any problem… please help ?

Hello, miracles!

Your request is not quite clear to us. To upgrade, you should follow the instructions here: CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation and then resolve the local modifications conflicts.

No… i mean i am using modified Skin Basic template and if i choose upgrade from Dashboard than the theme files and core files are also overwrite to my default basic theme… which i don't want… i need a changes like new admin dashboard and some other new features which is recently released on new version…

I am afraid, there is no way just to install several files. They are related to each other. So, the correct way is to upgrade in full and then apply the template code change once again.