What Is The Use Of “/?version”?

The line “define('PRODUCT_VERSION', '4.3.4')” in config.php is sufficient to know version of CS-Cart. So what is the use of “/?version”.

I use it all the time. I maintain many cscart sites and it helps me keep track of what version they are on. Nice quick feature that doesn’t require me to ftp into the server to see what version they are using.

Support. When someone requests that I develop an addon for their site, it helps me accurately identify the version they are on. Relying on a customer to provide this (or to go look in config.php) would be very error prone.

Okey brothers (if Triplets is sister I beg her pardon), I will comment out "die(PRODUCT_NAME . ' ' . PRODUCT_VERSION . ' ' . (PRODUCT_STATUS != '' ? (' (' . PRODUCT_STATUS . ')') : '') . (PRODUCT_BUILD != '' ? (' ' . PRODUCT_BUILD) : '') . '');".

If we receive any request and the customer does not know his versions, we can easily check it.

You can disable this feature, as Upgrade center has direct access to the value of the PRODUCT_VERSION php constant

My dear eComLabs, thanks for the insight.