What Is The "store"

I have store default is: abc.com (in abc folder). Can i add (in abc.com admin) a new store xyz.com with independent source (it means: xyz.com is new source in xyz folder).

I don't know abc.com and xyz.com must same source (same database, same image, same everything) or can independent source.

CS-Cart Shopping Cart. Features: Storefronts - YouTube

You can do both:

  1. Install 2 different cs-cart installations in different folders - in this case this will be two absolutly independent store with own admin area each. (requires 2 CS-Cart licenses) [different source files, different databases]
  2. Add a second storefront that will point to the xyz.com - in this case you can either share the products among the stores or create own products for each. But you will be able to manage both store from one admin panel. [same source files, same database]

[quote][color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]requires 2 CS-Cart licenses[/font][/color][/quote]

This is important for me. Thank imac so much.