What Is The Product Order After Default Sorting?

Hi All,

We have the default sorting for categories to be "bestselling", but are wondering what the order is after all the products haven't been sold yet. If the "Sales Amount" is zero for all the products what is the next sorting mechanism default to?

We are specifically asking because we have vendors that want to modify the sorting order in their micro-store homepage to decide which products are shown first. As an example, here is a vendor with ZERO sales so far, which means they have no "bestsellers". Also, the products aren't in alphabetical order. So, what is deciding the order of the products in this micro-store?


Is there any way for the vendor to control which products appear first after the default sorting no longer take effect?

Thanks for anyone who might know.

Most likely, this is the order of adding products to the database because additional sorting is not defined for bestsellers sorting