What Is The Best Erp Software To Integerate With Cs-Cart 4.7.2?

Dear Members,

I am planning to get an ERP software and integrate with my cs-cart store so it can help my account team, operations team, and warehouse management, order management, product management under the same software.

I am from the middle east and my site operates only for the middle east, is there any software that you suggest to integrate that can help us achieve our goals?

I know there is an integration with exact online:


I dont know if it works well.

Sage50 can be connected: https://www.cartspan.com/cs-cart-ecommerce-platform/

But the question is how it will deal with product variants.

Here is another one for Sage:


I would call up Sage to ask about integration with Sage Business Cloud.


Sage has a lot of integrations, so it cant hurt to ask.