What Is Heur/elf.malformed?

This is in the 4.13.3 installation file ( both zip & .tgz ).

My virus scanner keeps reporting it as a bad thing but

provides no information on what it is.

I doubt it is a bad thing but does anyone know what it is ?

It's only been 9 months and no one appears to have a clue.
Maybe this is the problem......
Your virus scanner has found a file with an illegal ELF format. These are object files in the tarball that should have been removed before packaging.

I wouldnt worry, sounds like a very small problem to me :mrgreen:



I found this when searching

"ELF file is basically an EXE file but for Linux and Unix. If you are on a windows computer I don't know why you would have the file and I dought its malicious. And if you are on Linux or Unix it's just a normal executable file. But there is still a chance that it could contain a virus but on Unix and especially Linux and there virus protection you will be fine"

Belated thank you johnbol1

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