What happened?

Gosh these forums used to be incredibly helpful but the past 4-5 posts I’ve submitted haven’t gotten any responses. :confused: I need help & can’t afford the $45 for support right now. :cry:

welcome to the club, all I can afford is 1 slice of cheese pizza for lunch today, sucks bigtime…

I’m jealous. I’m eating oatmeal for lunch! haahaa I:eek:

hey, oatmeal isnt too bad, i had cream chees and jelly

[quote name=‘zoom4267’]hey, oatmeal isnt too bad, i had cream chees and jelly[/QUOTE]

MMM that sounds good! :stuck_out_tongue:

i have to admit. i do love cream cheese and jelly, i just have to watch and not drip jelly on my keyboard.


Yall are all doing better than me. I haven’t eaten anything!

Awe that REALLY sucks! :o I’d be seriously irritable if I didn’t eat. :stuck_out_tongue:

oh yeah, me too, my blood sugar drops and stay out of my way.


i’m just sitting here with my cheese crackers and my daily bottle of wine (its noon somewhere)

:cool: :cool:

can’t work without a buzz

but…back on topic, if someone knows an answer, they post it pretty quick

if not…well, it looks like you’re being ignored

and i don’t think the latter (being ignored) is the case brennie

haahaa! Dang my oatmeal becomes more & more unappealing with each response. (except Tool Outfitters - hope you got some food!?)

im sure brennie is not being ignored, either no one knows the answer or they havent appeared yet.

Now its time for dinner, hmm mabey another cream cheese and jelly sandwich

Well since I missed lunch, I think I a might run down to Subway and get me one of those $5 foot longers and maybe some of their cookies! :wink:

Edit: Don’t feel bad Brennie. I get ignored all the time. I guess it’s because my inquiries are too complexed.