What eCommerce Package did you or your customers use before CS-Cart?

I would like to know which shopping cart were you or your customers using before CS-Cart?

I’m wondering if there is one or two carts that most people transition from.




Xxxxxx :evil:

[quote name=‘joe’]Virtuemart…[/QUOTE]

I had Virtuemart. If it was a stand alone shopping cart I may have kept it since I had several popular products listed , but updating joomla then updating virtuemart became a large pain. CSC is really easy compared to virtuemart…





Just about every ****py free cart system…they all were major headache!!!

Tested Oscommerce…

Than bought CSCart

CubeCart - woefully under powered and free - but get this… its was sold with a new skin as a ‘fully bespoke site’ from a respected design company :shock: man i’d love to name names…

my blood boils when i think about the price that was paid for it and the claims that were made to the poor unfortunate - oh how they preyed on the unsuspecting…

cscart is a massive breath of fresh air… :wink:

X - the home of spaghetti code and poor service.



It was the upgrade to 6.3 that drove me away from CRE as they still hadn’t fixed som old bugs, and new ones appeared. And when I noticed a few orders were never registered, even though the customer made the payment (and the customer info was registered at the payment processor). And then you have the case of how they treated customers who protested against the new “price structure” which made the customers have to pay an amount each year instead of only once.

In house/custom aspdotnet 2003 to 2009, then AspDotNetStorefront April 2009 to now.

oscommerce for many years and OSXMax for a short time.

Anyone knows Z-node here? Their price is amazing…

Amazing HIGH you mean!