What do you pay a month?

Just curious as to what the users of CS are paying a month for their hosting package? Who they host with and their overall level of service (good/bad, etc)

Is there anything specific that stands out for you from your hosting company (ie, they offer some cool features, extra space, etc.)


checkout monsterhost.com they are pretty good, 5.95/month for a year

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$99.95 co-located server with www.AdHost.com.

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If you are in the US (i’m not, but i have some domains there (hosting))

there is only one best AND very cheap (best service ever, trust me!!!):



I am using 1&1 , GoDaddy and POWWEB .

1&1 is the best and cheapest hosting I ever had. Their Bussiness Plan is only about 10$ per month (you get : Monthly Transfer Volume-1,000 GB , 3 Free domains included, MySQL_DB - 50 and more)

i use http://www.westhost.com

Thier business plans start at 6.95 and thier personal plans start at 3.95. i use the 12.95 plan for my car audio.

thier service is excellent.

I pay 9.95 a month with Axishost.com, I have recently switched a site over to them and they have provided the best technical/customer support and service I have ever experienced with a hosting co. They answered all my questions, and responded to all of my emails within 5-20 mins, even answered on I sent a 2:00 am pretty quickly too!

They have been around since 1997 and it shows, they know what they’re doing, they installed a full cpanel backup within 30min for me without any hiccups.

I also have sites hosted with ConnexHosting, SashBox, ChainReactionWeb, and MediaTemple, Axis has been the best by far so far! Not too expensive and the biggest thing to remember is this they dont OVERSELL their servers.

Host like Dreamhost (which is ok ) and the like advertise very good deals but they limit cpu usage so you get all this bandwidth but if you use “processor intense scripts” they limit the cpu and then your site is either slow or looks down even though your way under your bandwidth. CS-CART is a big PHP Cart, which is what they consider “processor intensive” if you have a moderate visitor traffic.

before going with my own server, i was very happy with www.kionic.com … they start from $6/month

We pay about $20/month with a good amount of bandwidth and a dedicated IP address for SSL through Hostgator.com

Their customer service is top notch and I highly recommend them to everyone.


the only thing that has worked smoothly in our business is our host !

Using Planethosting.com

So far they’re raping me (US dollars being charged)

at the present moment with self-signed SSL certificate installed it has been $500

I’m on a dedicated server at www.gossamer-host.com for $150 a month. I believe their normal prices are higher. I have been with them for a couple years now. The service is amazing.

I offer hosting. I run my own dedicated servers. My prices might be a little higher then all the shared hosting but i am more of a one on one company were i will be glad to get on the phone with whoever and help them threw problems.

My main focus is personal attention if needed.


If you have questions fill free to email me.

i use www.veritynet.net and i paid $32 a year and that included the domain racedout.com and a private ip address with a PTR reverse dns table for the ip address…if you dont get the private ip and use a shared one its $22 a year with a domain, $6.95 a domain per year…ive used veritynet for a long time now with no problems and the admins are more than willing to help out in any way possible and resolve any issues that ever come up…each of their servers have over 100 days of uptime with 10mbit or more connection bandwidth…very fast… www.racedout.com is my site

[quote name=‘ZeeLex’]I am using 1&1 , GoDaddy and POWWEB .

1&1 is the best and cheapest hosting I ever had. Their Bussiness Plan is only about 10$ per month (you get : Monthly Transfer Volume-1,000 GB , 3 Free domains included, MySQL_DB - 50 and more)[/quote]I love these hosting companies that SAY their package includes 1,000 Gb transfer for $10/Mo. Let me give you a little eye opener on this. 1,000 Gb of data roughly equates to 3 Mb/s transfer rate 24 hours a day, for the month. If you actually came close to running that much data you would be tossed out on your ram chips faster than you could say Google. To put in perspective, for $10, you would get the equivalent to two FULL T1 lines, running at MAX capacity, 24/7.

Another thing to consider, to maintain this level of data throughput, you would need one he|| of a server connected to those T1’s. A low budget server would flame out in a matter of minutes. And if that wasn’t enough, all three of the hosts you mention pile hundreds of customers on each server. Every one of them is using bandwidth as well. When a customer starts taking up a majority of the bandwidth on the port, it slows everyone else down. So even though they sell you on the concept of 1,000 Gig’s of bandwidth, if you came close to using ¼ of it you will be asked to go somewhere else. They’re not going to jeopardize loosing 199 accounts just to keep your ten bucks. I’ve seen it happen dozens of times over the years.

However, I wouldn’t worry too much about getting tossed out. All three of the carriers you mentioned use a technique called “Throttling” to make sure no one can hog the bandwidth. It’s like a governor. Once you reach a preset transfer rate, you can’t go any higher. It’s like being alone on the Autobahn and driving a Yugo.

I charge $20/mo to host on my server. I don’t really monitor how much data anyone transfers, because the average website doesn’t really use much space or bandwidth. If a site started using up a huge amount of space on the hard drives, or got really busy, I would work out something reasonable. Other than that, I give my customers complete control over their mail, databases, sub-domains, FTP, and just about anything else having to do with the management of their account. The advantage to hosting on my server is that the data center I use is part of the backbone of the internet itself, so we’re only one jump to the big pipe.

Other advantages that you don’t get with 1&1, or GoDaddy, or most any other big host; We will never have more than 30-50 hosting customers on any server, so you will never have to worry about choking, and, we’re also an authorized CS-Cart dealer, we can build your site for a reasonable price if needed, we sell and install all the rest of the ancillary capabilities, such as SSL certificates, merchant services for both online and POS sales, and just about anything having to do with a computer, network, printer, or security.

im on hostmonster till now no major issues that i could find. price quality ratio (6$/month)is good and at this time i dont have a lot of sales yet that i can justify a dedicated server investment yet. but its on the way i think.