What do I put for 'Host name/Login URL' in helpdesk Access

This is probably a stupid question but I always get it incorrect when I create access for cs-cart support in the Help Desk. They always come back saying they can't access my files with the credentials I provided.

What's the correct thing to put for Host name/Login URL ?

They recently told me this in their last message:

[quote]Please provide us with access to the public_html directory (I suppose your CS-Cart installation is located there), but not to the public_html/sitename one. The last one is empty and with FTP access, unfortunately, we cannot go a level up in your CS-Cart installation. I hope this explains the situation.[/quote]

I don't understand this because my sitename directory is NOT empty and it IS where my cs-cart is installed.

My public_html has my site folder plus folders for 2 other websites I have.

Any clarification on this is greatly appreciated! Thanks

Apparently no one knows the answer to this, including the support staff…

when you create ftp access in cpanel it usually appends the yoursite/ and adds yoursite/something

this means it creates and only allows access to the folder /something which obviously has nothing in it.

just make sure that you create an ftp account and folder to be publichtml/ without anything after the slash, that way the will be able to access root.


Ah - that's what my problem was. Thank you John for the response!