What Do I Need

Okay need a website that will basically have a login which takes someone to a form they fill out with basic information. I need them to be able to attach a file or a website link(guess they could do that in the message portion of the form). I need the form to be sort of advanced because I am going to charge based # of pages attached. Maybe there is another way to achieve this. So to recap.

I want people to be able to send me a link or files and have them charged based on the number of pages attached. I would also like for them to be able to create and account. If anyone can help me with this please let me know. I'm willing to pay for the help. Thanks

Any designers that can help me? I'm willing to pay. Thanks

Create a product called, pages or whatever, the add an option to the product for them to choose how many files they are going to attach, add modifiers to these options, + 1 = 100% +2 = 200% etc etc

ad a multiple file upload option to the product if needed.

So then someone can choose how many pages they are uploading and if they dont choose the right amount that they actually upload you can just call or mail them to let them know.

Not ideal but works


John much appreciated…but then I need the quantity of pages to link to the price. So if there are 10 pages and I charge .05 per page it would auto calculate the total price of .50 cents. Maybe there is a better way to approach this.