What's the best mp3 download add on or method?


I sell 90% mp3 audio downloads. I've tried offering zipped files of CDs, but too many customers can't unzip them (using YemuZip as the compressor). So I switched and made all my files plain mp3s (created in iTunes), so now a customer has to download each mp3 files on the CD one by one. However, now many other customers say they are unable to right click the mp3 links in the download area.

Here is a sampe of what a customer using Windows Vista with Explorer said: " When I right click on “download” hyperlink in my account page, I go to my file directory I want to save to but the file name comes up as “index_php?dispatch=orders_order_downloads&order_id=7739” and it will not save."

My question is for all you who offer downloads:

What is the MOST reliable way to get downloads to customers? Have you made any mods to your cart for this? I want a totally dummy-proof way. Whatever method that's built into CS Cart now seems to create errors in about 1 out of 10 orders. Have you found a solution?

Thank you in advance!

I use zip files too, but no complaints. Maybe because Macintosh zips them differently…?

Why is it that every Cscart update ruins links to attachments such as zip files?

And why does it duplicate them once linked to as attachments into folders for every zip file? I have about 1,500 folders because of this bizarre way of cscart software. Talk about a nightmare when searching for a lost link to a file!