Welcome title for the home page

Hello everyone,

I am new to this and you’ll have to bear with me :wink:

Anyhow, does anyone know an easy way to change the “Welcome” title that appears on top of the central part of the home page (modified under “Design → Site Layout”)?


Gold Bar Kid (in spirit)

I had the same question. It is kind of hidden. You need to go to:

  1. Content | Languages
  2. Search for Welcome in “Search for Patterns”
  3. Under the LANGUAGE VARIABLE “welcome” you can make the change.

    Hope that helps.


Thanks Adam,

I just found independently the same.

At first I had edited the template: # blocks/wrappers/mainbox_general.tpl




{$title} to our Site

But it was was adding “to our Site” to other titles each time, like “Contact Us to our Site”

But what you said works.

Thanks for helping others!

I wonder if this will hold during an upgrade?