Weird Page Zoom

Ok, this is weird. I decided to upgrade my main site from 2.1.2 to 2.1.4 and I’m having an issue that makes it look like the page is zoomed in or something.

Because it is zoomed in, it makes my banners and images look blurry.

It’s not a huge difference, but it’s noticeable.

I’ve looked through the style sheets and didn’t notice anything.

I also made sure that I didn’t zoom in with my computer.

I’m kind of at a loss.

I don’t have a link to show you because the site is on my localhost.

Does anybody have any ideas?



Huh, well it seems that this is a localhost thing and not the site its self.

I just loaded another site on my localhost to compare it to an original site and it is zoomed in as well.

Anybody know why localhost would be zoomed in?



Well, I’m a dumby. Apparently my computer was zoomed in on localhost.

Usually I zoom in and out by pressing the control key and using my mouse wheel.

I did just learn though that if you press the control button and the 0 (zero) key, the zoom will be reset.

I guess you learn something new every day.


you can also zoom-in/out pressing control plus the keys “+”/“-”.

I like the F11 to toggle a full screen view.