Weird New Issue - No Recent "View Orders"??

Has anyone else experienced this? I tried to do some searches on the forums and I’m not coming up with much luck.

I think I’ll be opening up a ticket, but maybe it’s an easier fix than I think (I hope :P)

What’s happening is all of the sales show up on main home screen when you log in to the admin panel (as it should). But when you click on “View Orders”, the default screen only shows sales as far as 6/6/2011. If you go to Advanced Search, and choose ANY of the options (this year, this week, this month, etc), all of the sales show up. But that default screen will not display recent sales.

It doesn’t appear to be a cap as the number is #1149 that it’s stuck on (not like 1200, or 1350 or other rounded number).

Is there some setting we screwed up maybe on accident? Everything’s been processed correctly, it’s just not showing it to us by default.

Thanks in advance!

Delete the saved search.

I’m not seeing a saved search aside from the pre-built ones in there.

I see in the list:





Placed Today

If I click on “New” it gives me all the new orders, but going back to “All” still shows only up to 6/6/11. Could the “New” search be broken somehow?

I’m guessing that you clicked Save when you had the ALL up and it saved a date range (or other parameters) to the ALL saved search.

Just a guess based on what you describe.

I’m wondering if it can be reset somehow, or if it has to be done in the database? I might have to employ help if it’s the database lol. But I’m not seeing any setting in the admin panel to reset those fields. Thanks for all the help, I appreciate it!

I did open up a ticket as well and they’re looking at it. So hopefully I can get a resolution I can post in case someone else has the same problem.