Weird large fonts in iPad's iOS 16.6 (not in earlier versions)

A customer complained she could not place an order.
This was her 2nd order. Last time (April) she did not have a problem yet.
Now in August she could not see the information. It appeared letters were scrambled.

We had already noticed there were no problems in a pc, not in an iPhone.
After questioning : problem happened on iPad with iOS 16.6 .
TWO friends with iPads helped out:
1 with iOS 16.6 had the same problem.
Other friend with an older iOS 15.x didn’t have a problem.

Do we wait until Apple ‘fixes’ the problem or must CS Cart software be adapted?
Apparenty iOS 17 will appear in September. Or 16.7 they don’t know yet.


As far as I can see, you are using a third party theme in your store, so in this case you need to contact its developers regarding this issue.

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