Weird Display At My Cs-Cart

Has anyone else ever seen this ? Only happening with my CS-Cart admin page and at no other web site.

This weirdness is still present around the edges after I log in.

Happening with Chrome ( which is up to date ).

I have whitened out the actual address.

IE 11 is fine.

Could it be a corrupted stored image. I hope not. The thought

of corruption within the CS-Cart script is scary.

********* bloody heck. I answered my own question. It must be a browser problem.

Will try to get this post removed****************

Too tired am I.



Clear Browser Cache?

Yes scrubbed admin and Chrome caches.

Refreshed paged with one of my feet in hot water.

Tried everything.

Even restarted PC out of desperation…lol

Must be a Chrome problem because IE 11 view is fine.

Just refreshed the page again after a few hours and it's now gone.

Temporary haunting I guess.