Website Migration To Amazon Ec2


We're looking for someone who will help us migrate our website to Amazon AWS EC2. CPanel installation is also required on AWS for easily managing the website.

Please post your offerings. Your help is appreciated.

I would try one of the webmasters forums, you don’t need to know about cscart to do that but you might need to know a bit more about servers and security. I’m capable of doing it but looked into AWS EC2 only yesterday and just thought it wasn’t worth the extra time needed for the setting up. Then I looked into to just using the database service and same there. My time is better used elsewhere :-) But for someone who has done it many times before should be fine, that why I suggest the other forums.

hello i can do many server setting with cscart even amazone. akamai and so on …if you need let me know

skype: pilotloe

We also can offer such service