Website Loading Starnge

Hi all

This morning our website start to load weird. Please see attached

It was fine yesterday.

The hosting company upgraded to PHP 7.2 but it was last month so not sure if that had anything to do with.

Any help would be appreciated




This could be a problem with generating cache files caused by, for example, not enough space on hosting or limiting the number of files.

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Thank you for your reply.

I will look at that. Seems like there is plenty of space

Try deleting files in /var/cache/


Not working now also since I tried to switch between PHP 7.1 and PHP 7.2 and back to 7.1

Now getting Internal Server error. Everything was fine yesterday


View the page source of the Internal Server page to find out what the error is.

Thanks Tool.

Can not see any error. Been to;d by Support that its a server error. Either with permissions or something on .htacess not being supported.

Even CSCart support was not able to fix.

See this error now

HTML1300: Navigation occurred.
DOM7011: The code on this page disabled back and forward caching. For more information, see:
SEC7113: CSS was ignored due to mime type mismatch
HTML1512: Unmatched end tag.
index.php (776,48)

So this is just an Internet Explorer issue? Check the following thread.

Finally got it working

After days with hosting company not being able to fix it I did a restore from a backup that I just had done prior to crashing the site.

Then CScart support did

"Deleted incorrectly created .htaccess directory on your server and uploaded original .htaccess file from installation package"

And its working now

Thank you guys and CSCart support team for all your help.