Website Hangs On Database Backup


Do you have any suggestions on how to do database backups and keep cs-cart running smoothly?

We've tried the mysqldump suggestions here

but is seems it doesn't make any difference at all. (options --single-transaction, --quick, --lock-tables)

The server becomes unresponsive for around 20-30 seconds

We are testing this on a database less that 1GB and all tables are InnoDB, the server is dedicated and quite powerful.

We've also tried the Backup option provided in the admin panel and the behavior is the same.



The best way is to log in via ssh to the server and make a mysqldump database dump. Then pack a zip and upload via ftp to a safe place.

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thanks for the answer, but we have tried that also as I said on the previous post

and the website does not respond when making a backup.

Open requests are served after backup finishes.



It is not normal if taking a database dump (while logged in to the server) has this effect. You asked the administrator what is going on?
What kind of hosting do you have? (number of cores, RAM memory)
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we have searched for solution regarding mysql settings and couldn't find a fix.

Our server is dedicated with a lot of ram and cores.

On one of the client's sites, I ran into a similar problem. At the moment I am trying to find a solution, so I will share information when the problem is resolved.

Check the config.php file. Find the line define(‘DB_ROWS_PER_PASS’, 400); and raise the number to something bigger like 10000 (I have the value at 1000000 for a 15GB Innodb database and it backup within 2 minutes, before it was hanging as someone mentioned before). If you don’t have any broken tables or broken php code most probably is this