Webkul Addons - Think Well Before Buying

I would like to share an experience I had with Webkul, more specifically with the Delivery Confirmation addon: https://marketplace.cs-cart.com/delivery-confirmation-request.html

I bought the addon about two months ago, I thought it would solve a need I had, but to my misfortune the result is worse than it seemed.

Just to start, the addon doesn't have any kind of security in what it proposes to do. It was to be an addon to allow the customer to confirm when an order has been delivered, but that anyone with a little more understanding of how the internet works is capable of cheating.

When inquiring about the vulnerability of the addon and how it was not functional, I received a customization proposal. I understand when an addon is functional and we received a customization proposal to add a new function, but in this case it is an addon that is not functional. The addon barely manages to fulfill what it was originally developed for.

In the end I hired another developer to improve their addo and I hope I never need to get an addon from them in the future.

So I advise everyone who thinks about buying an addon from them to think twice, because there are very basic things that don't even work. An example of this is that the addon in question is not even compatible with the CS Cart email system.