Webgility and CS 4.0.2

Is anyone using Webgility with CS version 4.0.2

I tried it with 4.01

It could retrieve orders and print postage, but could not post back the tracking numbers, etc… to the store.

I am using ShipRush.com for my store now. Works pretty good.

Posting back tracking numbers is pretty important feature to be left broken.

We are having issues with Webgility support, they keep giving us the run around about fixing the software and can never really give us a straight answer. The girl in sales told us that it should work fine with 4.0.2 which was not the case.

Posting the tracking numbers back to your store is indeed important, and we're working to resolve this issue with CS-Cart up through version 4.0.2. The CS store module, which can be downloaded from your account area on our website, will be updated to fix this by the end of next week.

In the meantime, please continue using eCC for QuickBooks integration and don't hesitate to contact support@webgility.com should you run into anything else. Also, if you're in need of general Q & A or assistance with your account, please contact sales@webgility.com.