Watermark htaccess instructions do not work ? [3.0.3 ]

running 3.0.3

I have been trying to follow these instructions with no luck .

[quote]To generate watermarked images automatically even if they are requested not from your CS-Cart store pages, please add the '.htaccess' file with the following instructions to the 'images/wateramarked' directory of your CS-Cart installation.

```php # Generate watermarks rules

RewriteEngine on

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f

RewriteRule .(gif|jpeg|jpg|png)$ /home/chadman/public_html/cscart/index.php?dispatch=watermark.create [NC]

/Generate watermarks rules ```


i want to watermark images in my descriptions .

does not seem to do anything at all ...

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I think the instructions for installing the Watermarks add-on are pretty poor. /images/watermarked/ is the correct path, not /images/wateramarked/ as indicated within the addon settings page.

If you run CS-Cart Ultimate, but only want watermarked images on one store within your Ultimate install, I found the only way to get this to work was to enable the addon as 'All Users' and then as 'MyStore' User, fill in the details on the Watermarks addon settings page and add the .htaccess rules to the .htaccess file within the root of the install (ie. /public_html/cscart/.htaccess not /public_html/cscart/images/watermarked/.htaccess). The clear your site cache.

i do have Ultimate version ( only have 1 store )

tried that … putting in watermarked dir doe snot seem to do anything at all …

i dont see how putting it in there will have any effect on images located at


something is missing here .

i dont want to add it to my root as i dont want my buttons and stuff wattermarked .

I put it in the root .htaccess and only the specified images (in the watermarks addon - category and product images only, not thumbnails) have the watermark. Buttons and other images do not have the watermark.