Warning insecure admin script

Hello, when loging in to admin panel i`m receiving warning:

warning insecure admin script

Its in red table. What it means? How to fix it? thanks for answers.

If you are talking about the messages that appear when you first log into the admin area, they are telling you to:

  1. change your password so that the username and password do not match;
  2. rename your admin.php file ([url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation)


thanks for your reply. user name and password is different, but I have renamed admin.php file and still have same warning…

What is the exact warning message?



in right top of page (when loged in to admin panel)

If that is all you are seeing then you are missing language variables (not that this would eliminate the message. The message you should be seeing is:

[QUOTE]It is strongly recommended to rename default admin.php script (check the Knowledge base) for security reasons.[/QUOTE]

You can verify that this language variable exists by going to Content->Languages and searching for ‘insecure’. You should see 2 language variables: warning_insecure_admin_script and warning_insecure_password, both with some text in their values field.

If you have renamed your admin.php file using the instructions from the KnowledgeBase, I am not sure why you would be seeing this message. I would double-check that admin.php does not exist in the root directory and that the replacement file does exist.