Warehouses Inventory Import

I am testing the Warehouses addon once again and I have found that importing the inventory takes entirely way too long.

1 store
120,000 products
7 warehouses

The same file without warehouse inventory, the import takes 1.5 hours which has always been the norm. With warehouse inventory, the import takes 10 hours which is unacceptable. Is there an issue on my end or is it “Working as designed”?


There might be some performance issues when there are a lot of warehouses and products exist in the store. Our developers are aware of this and have a task to increase performance of warehouses add-on, however currently there is no estimation on when it will be done.

Thank you for understanding.

Good to know it’s not an issue on my end.

Not sure how anyone can use it in it’s current state. It doesn’t completely meet my needs and now that I have found that it’s a resource hog for 10 hours, it’s closer to being useless.

This is known issue, we have faced this problem in our import addon from many clients, import spends many hours.