Warehouses Addon

Hello to all the cs cart community.

I am facing the folowing problem.

I have installed the xml import pro addon so to be able to import my suppliers products and use all the features this addon provides. Those products are available with a delay of 1-2 days because thats the time I need in order to have them from my supplier to my stores warehouse.
I also have some products already in my warehouse.
What I wanted is to have two warehouses. One warehouse will be my suppliers one with the delay of 1-2 days, and the second one will be my own warehouse with the products available immediately.

I was suggested to use the warehouses addon.
I setted up the two warehouses as I wanted and entered the products administration page to enter the ammount in each warehouse.

When I do not enter anything, the product is appeared available in my front end.

When I enter amounts in the two warehouses, the product appears not available in my front end !!!!

Can someone provide me with any help on what to do ???

I can provide you with access to my admin page in order to check out on what I have done.

Thank in advance