Wanting to omit product image

Not sure if this is the right place…but in my storefront I want to omit all product images…because they are intangible products such as training.

There doesn’t seem to be a ‘no product image’ setting and I get an ugly ‘no product image’ image in the storefront view :frowning:

How do I choose an option without product images?

Go to desin>blocks then disable all blockd that contaim images such as recently viewed, best sellers etc, then create or edit a block in your central contant, have it as html and fill in any info you want in here, yo could create a whole full home page in this block if you like.


Hi John,

Thanks for the idea. I already disabled most blocks - we’re talking here about the product listing or description of an individual product. I don’t think that’s a design block, smells more of templates to me. Will i have to delve into templates and disable something?



Sorry I thought you meant hompe page not product page.

As a quick temp fix you could replace the noimage.gif with a blank/white square?

but this obviously means all products without images willnot show anything.

or even create the image to be the title also perhaps add a splash of colour make it like a book cover or something, this depends on if you have thousands of titles though it not good.


You’re right, really don’t have the time to be making ‘images’ for these things. Rather strange if CS assumes that every product is a tangible/visible… :frowning:

The best thing to do is use CS’s new custom product template functionality and copy/paste one of the existing templates that you like and just comment out the line that contains the image code - Sno