Want to use HTML Coding on Checkout Page Under Payment Methods


I want to use a html page coding on the checkout page ( in 4 option billing ). Under one of the Payment methods i want. for Example C.O.D

I want to use HTML coding which should show just below the COD option just like description.

If i put the coding in Payment Instructions then it shows on the next page after clicking Submit my Order.

and if i put the coding in Description, then it doesnt work it just shows the text

How can i do this.


Create/use a payment method using 'cod.tpl' as the template.

Then it will just show right along with any other active payment methods.

i already did, want i want to show a search box under one of the payment methods. ( for which i have html code but where should i put this code so i will get the search box under Cash on Delivery Payment Methods

Find which template is being used by the payment method you want to modify (they live in skins//customer/views/orders/components/payments directory) and either insert a hook or add whatever logic and html you want to add to the template.

i will try to find out but still if any one know the exact spot do let me know.