Want to add my own font to the store


[font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][size=3]I am looking to have Montserrat[color=“#666666”] Font to[/color][color=“#666666”] the site. Can I know how to install or add this font to the site so I can assign this font to the top menu.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][size=3][color=“#666666”]Help me out guys. Using Version 4[/color][/size][/font]

Im also trying to ad my custom font. Id love to know where exactly, which folder, do I place font file (Im using .woff extension). Also Im applying all CSS changes thru base.css and scheme.less files.

So question is rather simple, where does the font file go in order for me to call it in base.css file via @font-face ?

Thank you


If you want to add your own font and to be all ok, you will need to know a little css to put everywhere you want that font, but the way that I figured out and it is working more than perfect it is:

  1. Go into your ftp: design/templates/your_theme/templates/ and open index.tpl and put after this line “” your link with font if it is from google fonts.


    1a. If you have font as .woff (like for mogabume) than go to: design/templates/your_theme/templates/common/ and open styles.tpl and after {style src=“scheme.less”} include your font, but be patience you will save .wofff files on css folder.

    After that go into css when you want to put your font and write or change with your font.

    For example if we have economica from google web fonts we put:

    and we call font in cs file as:

    font-family: “Economica”;

    I hope this will help you :)

    Kind Regards