Wait, so vendors have to log into the admin panel backend in order to upload products?

If a vendor wants to upload products they have to log into MY SITE’s administration area in order to upload products?

This seems crazy to me. Difficult for users to do, because now they have to log in twice to upload a product, and when uploading a product they go to a completely different look and feel.

Am I missing something or am I correct?

Hello, neigoro!

The vendors have their separate administration panel where they can upload products, view orders etc.:


Sorry for opening this old post again.

I have a question about the separated admin panel…

Is there alot of work (programming hours) if I would like to use the basic admin functions (upload item, delete item,…) in the front end of cs cart, so the vendors don’t have to login twice and loose the feel of the front end of the market place?

If you know what i mean :)

I want to incorporate those functions into site design.

Has anyone done this and is it possible to see it?

Thanks for your help.