Vivashop 3.14 Safari Browser Bug

Anyone have a problem with Vivashop missing header, i.e. Logo missing, top menus missing in Vivashop Theme using Safari browser on laptop screen size 15"?

I’ve just received a call from a customer saying they couldn’t see the cart icon at the top of the page using Safari on a Mac. Apparently the whole of the top section with the logo, search bar and icons on the right was all missing. Everything was fine when they ordered previously which was before i updated CSC and VivaShop from their previous versions

Did you do anything to fix this?

I’m also on VivaShop v3.14 and CSC 4.17.2.SP1. I dont have a Mac to test this though

My site is also affected with this Safari bug, but only on Safari 17. Tested on an iMac Pro and also a Mac Mini. This problem does not occur on Safari 16 on an iMac 21.5 inch.

My subscription with EnergoThemes is not current, so I probably can’t ask them for help. Has anyone been able to figure anything out?
Thanks in advance.
CSC 4.17.2 SP3
VivaShop 3.14

We have customer also affected. CSC 4.17.2 SP3
Going to try and repupdate it and see how that goes.

I renewed my subscription to Vivashop and submitted a bug report. Here is the answer I received:

We have recreated the issue and found that the latest version of the Safari browser on desktop uses the same User Agent as the iPads. There is currently no way to identify when a desktop device is viewing the site, so the tablet version is displayed.

Until there is a way to differentiate the two, you may enable the Traditional responsive mode as explained in the theme documentation available at the following link: VIVAshop Documentation :: 3.14 :: Settings and customization :: VIVAshop settings

So apparently it’s an Apple problem.

That’s interesting. Maybe a fix wont happen until Apple update Safari to 18 then. I’m guessing the User Agent on v16 was something different…

Thanks for sharing your findings