Visual Editor

Whether I use the visual editor or type html directly into the source for a product it is not showing up as html on the page but regular source. so if I put a table using the visual editor on the page it shows as the source for the table not the actual table. In addition any field that uses html tags like simple bold tags just show the html source and not what it should show. So for example for one of the default products with cs cart it is HomeCell PhonesNokiaNokia 6620 Phone - Next Generation (AT&T) and on my page it displays Nokia 6620 Phone - Next Generation (AT&T) Why is happening cant seem to fix it.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Is this something buggy or just me, I need some resolution to this in order for me to not return cs cart as its a vital requirement for our site to have html show as html and not as source code.

PM me if you want personal help with this. I cannot think of anything off-hand that would cause this so I would have to see it in action.

So I am all new to PHP and some programming as I mostly used ASP before. So I figured if I put {$product.myfield} it shows whatever is in the field and doesnt format it but if I put {$product.myfield | unescape} then it formats html properly on the page. Onlything is I loose the css formating for that div I have it in. Anyone can lend me a hint what the unescape is or how to keep my formatting or am I still on the wrong track.

Thanks Roban for being helpful and offering his aid.