Visual Editor Stopped Showing

Strange - went into the design section today to make a small CSS change and when I click on Visual Editor it doesn’t show up, just the home page shows with this path - domain/?s_layout=4

I have very few addons enabled, non 3rd party and I’ve disable each one and checked it’s not an addon. What else could it be ? I have a copy of the site on my local PC and it works fine.

Failing idea where can I edit this please;

.ty-compact-list__item {

padding: 40px 0px;

border-bottom: 1px solid #DFDFDF;

position: relative;


Back now, I think it was a cookie problem.

Glad to see that the problem is solved!

I am experiencing this - even after a complete cache clear. so it is not a cookie issue.

A second post above is also experiencing this - something odd is going on here…

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