Visitors need to Filter by Product Options

Hi John

its just frozen, cause there is no majot interest, and there is a substantial cost envolve to this.

if we gather a few people we can begin that.


I had Alt Team develop this for me. It took ages to get it to work but it seems to be working now. So Happy!!

Check it out on my site.

[url=“ is for sale | HugeDomains”]

I had some specific thing i wanted so I don't know if it will do what you guys want.

Maybe they can develop it for you guys 2.

If there is such an Add-on with reasonable price; when i will buy it!

I am using cs-cart version 4.0.1 and wondering how to use product options as filters, is the addon for that as discussed in above comments, ready ?

Bumping this one.

This is really a “must” for fashion websites…

Any solutions yet??

It is really crazy work to mirror options to features :(

ok guys let me know verision for this !

if theres a request I can start this


PS what would you pay for this?

I have seen this raise its head before but never take off, good idea if it can be done efficiently.



Version 4.xx

€ 99 seems like a reasonable price. That is not representing how much work it is, but I feel there is a big potential for such an add-on which could make this a huge ROI.

regards Mirco

NB for now I'm trying it to do via cronjob by copying and merging data from one table to the other like every 5 minutes or so.

In that way you don't have any modifications to the core and the filters work like cs-cart has intended to do and… keep stock control in mind!

I don't want a size to show up in the filter when it is out of stock. So with running the cronjob every 5 minutes it is out of sync for only 5 minutes max and that is acceptable for me.


Well I can make it 60€ for the first 4 people to order this (need all 4 to sing upo for this, just state your interest below). Then the price will be 80€.

I need about a week for this more or less.


I'm in!

Ok Micro

Thats 2 till now. We need 2 more and we start.


That should be Mirco… :-)

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That should be Mirco… :-)


Sorry Mirco , anagram!


For 60 Euro or whatever, I'll get in on this too. I think this would be a useful addon.



Thanks Brandon,

Just one more spot left and we start!


Hi guys.

We are ready to start.

Please pm me for details.


Hi Fotis, when will this be starting, do you need payment etc

Hi John

Yes I am trying to notify everybody i order to start.

Yes it is PayPal account


Can you tell us what this add on is about?

Hi Medical

Cs-Cart has as standard the filters function which allows you to filter per Features. Like brand for example.

But if you needto fitler per option (product options like color, size etc) then you needthis addon.