Virtual Terminal Credit Card Processing

We are thinking of switching from our old school “in store” manually processing, to a online virtual card processing system. And yes we do have to manually charge each order as we do lots of pre-orderings.

So we are looking for the best company offering great rates, and a virtual terminal. Anyone have ideas where we could go? Paypals Virtual Terminal seems a bit pricy.


Absolutely do not use PayPal! They have wrongfully favored 4 buyers who stole items from me for over $2000. Additionally, they have held $6000 of my funds as a reserve for the past 5 1/2 months.

Moving on, I am setting up an account with [url][/url]. Their rates seem competitive and they use quantum gateway which integrates with cs-cart. They provide the code and it is easy to setup. I cannot vouch for them personally, but their BBB record is immaculate and my web-host: uses them and has had nothing but positive things to say about them. My account should be setup within the next day or so and I will do a review.

We use Payquake which uses as the gateway.

Update: CDG Commerce approved my account and it will be ready to go Monday. Chase contacted me and actually want to beat the rates of CDG, so you may do some shopping around. CDG had the cheapest published prices I’ve seen anywhere. I will keep you updated in regards to my experience with them.

CDG Commerce Update: So far everything is going well. The only thing I do not like about it is that there is about a 2-3 day period wait before the money is cleared to our bank account. We may end up going with chase since they promise a 24hr turnaround. Everything works great though.

[quote name=‘whiplash13’]We use Payquake which uses as the gateway.[/QUOTE]

I see they also do “International Merchant Accounts” how did you integrate it to cs-cart? Can you accept credit cards with it directly on your website?

I’m looking forward to add online virtual card processing system on my website as well… how is going with Payquake? is it hard to install on csc?