Virtual Merchant - does it work or is it a CS-Cart rip-off?

Hi All

I am getting a bit fed up here. I need some clarification as to anyone who has got Virtual Merchant to run in CS-Cart recently. I am on last version 3.

I am wanting to use Virtual Merchant on this version. However, I have tried the test environment data supplied by Virtual Merchant, and it doesn't seem to work.

Can anyone confirm please:

  1. Does the Virtual Merchant module in CS-Cart actually work? i.e. is the coding correct?

    I see some posts in the forum that had problems. Is it fixed?

  2. Is the Virtual Merchant type in CS-Cart the Payment Gateway type, where the client gets taken to an outside Gateway page then back to my website, or is it the IN-SITE version, where the client inputs the Visa details, and the processing is done behind the page (invisible to the client).

    If it is the IN-SITE method, do I need to have HTTPS set up first to do the test / demo?

    I noticed a problem with the form in the cheque out of CS-Cart for Virtual Merchant - the type card tab doesn't work (not selectable)

    Please clarify the above before I invest money in the server and ask the client to sign the contracts.

    Seems annoying CS-Cart won't answer questions after 30 day period is up, even though VM was promised to work???

Hi All

More bugs found! If I try setting up another processor instead of Virtual Merchant, like Sage Payment, the tpl selection defaults to CC.tpl and I think it should be Outside.tpl right??

This is a pretty BIG BUG. It seems to overide the template in set-up to force the checkout page to display Visa fiields, instead of a radio button only for payment method, where it is supposed to go to an external processor.

Looks to me like CS-Cart didn't finish the build here!!!