$View_Tools Qustion


I am trying to attach the product quick view button to a shipping method at the checkout page,
so that customer can choose from the category of the products while scrolling trough them in the pop-up window.
It work fine but only the first time, and then the small arrows for the "previous" "next" product disappear?

This is what I'm using.

It is exactly the same code that appears when i look from that actual category. And there is fine, but if i include that same code in the shipping method description it works only once?

Any Idea why that happens?

Kind regards

Could it be that there is some caching happening at the checkout page? So that it stops the dispatch being aware of the product_id and category_id?

dispatch=products.quick_view&product_id=64&prev_url=index.php%3Fdispatch%3Dcategories.view%26category_id%3D117&n_items=64,77,78,73,260,258,259" data-ca-dialog-title="Quick product viewer" rel="nofollow

Because, it works correctly always for the first time, but not until I recreate it in the shipping option again?