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For some reason when you try and view the cart it attempts to take you to Paypal and then gives an error message. How do I get it to stop trying and point to that paypal page and not just my cs cart cart. In screen shot 1 (see attached) you can see the shortcut for the cart in the top left corner under search. If you click on the little cart it gives you that drop down menu. When you click on view cart it goes to screen shot 2 and then to the screen shot 3 saying that you cart is empty. When you type in the website again it still shows your products in the cart. If you click on the “4 item(s)” in that same area it gives the same error message. Any ideas on how to point this back at the cs cart cart?

Thanks - Ron

CS Cart Version: 2.0.9

Picture 3.jpg

Picture 2.jpg

Picture 1.jpg