View Cart Page Continuously Reloads

...using a fairly stock version of CS 4.9.1, never noticed this before, and after doing some testing for products we noticed when View Cart button is pushed, it loads the cart page (checkout.cart) and continuously reloads it (until you stop the page). Happens when user is logged in or when testing as a guest. Very annoying, and causes problems when trying to scroll down or click on anything to navigate away because it is always refreshing. No other pages seem to be a problem.

[edit : did notice a strange "OR USE" button in the lower right of the screen which I don't see on any of our other pages or noticed before.]

We have not had any complaints from customers, but we don't have much traffic either. Any thoughts?

[edit : in case anyone is reading, CS has stated via support ticket that this is a PayPal issue and they are looking into it. ? Thanks, CS, awaiting a response...]

An update if anyone is reading...

It appears activity like this (continuosly reloading checkout.cart page) was caused by 2 payment methods we had setup in CSCart that were both directing to PayPal.

We have always had 2 payment methods intentionally setup for PayPal, basically for customer clarity at checkout. But it appears PayPal somehow didn't play nice (recently or just noticed) with these methods which were too similar in context, and therefore caused the "View Cart" page in question to continuously reload. Once I disabled one of those payment methods, the problem corrected itself and all worked as intended.

So, I have gone about reworking our wording and payment methods so that we only have one method directing to PayPal (which is probably a good idea anyway moving forward), and I will assume all is well.

Thanks again CSCart support for pointing me in the right direction!