Via Php Mail Function Has Simply Stopped Working


Only started today.

My web host says all OK at their end.

I have made no changes to the cart at all.

The supposed ‘sent’ emails are not being tagged as spam.

They are just vanishing.

PayPal can send to the email address but CS-Cart won’t.

My emails are

CS-cart just won’t send to anything

If I use an email from another domain CS-Cart sends OK.

Totally weird.

Have your host check the SMTP transactions on your server to see if the mail is actually making it to the SMTP server (localhost) via php mail. You might also want to take a look at your phpinfo to see what's configured for the 'from' address.

sendmail_from no value no value

This all I found in myphp info via admin

Great news. The shared host IP address is on a black list

that doesn't have any provision for removal…lol