Very slow to load home page but then normal speed - whats the problem


I have been using 3.0.3 for 6 months and all worked well. Added a new shipping method and today and now when I load the home page it is very very slow. Once it loads all the store pages come up quickly and it works well but if I go back to the home page it is very very slow to load.

The admin back end works OK, no problem.

I removed the shipping method I added, cleared the cache, cleared the browser cache, tried from a different computer and I still can’t get back to normal speed.

It is so slow it is just about unusable, see for yourself at

What has gone wrong ? Anybody see this before ? Any ideas on how to fix ? My customers will not wait for it to load.

Any help appreciated.


All working now. Not sure how. Maybe it was a problem at the server end as I asked them to have a look but not heard back yet.