Version 3?

I just finished upgrading to version 2.5 & now see there's a 3. What's the difference between the 2?

Really? [url=“CS-Cart 3 Final Released | eCommerce Blog on Running an Online Marketplace”][/url]

Do I need to do this step below & if so, do I do it in the old or new?


Due to a big number of requests for database import from CS-Cart version 2.2.x to version 3.0.3 we are presenting an extended version of the Store import add-on.

Now this add-on supports import of:

  • 2.2.4-2.2.5 Professional to 3.0.3 Professional
  • 2.2.4-2.2.5 Multivendor to 3.0.3 Multivendor

    To install the add-on, please follow the instructions:
  1. Uninstall the add-on “store import” from the add-on list in the admin area of your store.
  2. Copy contents of the current archive to the directory where the store is installed with using the ‘overwrite if exists’ option.
  3. Install the add-on in the admin area of your store.

    P.S. this add-on is compatible with CS-Cart 3.0.3 Professional & CS-Cart 3.0.3 Multi-Vendor.

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You would export database from version CS-Cart 2.2.4 / 2.2.5

Install this addon in version CS-Cart 3.0.3, and import database.

Just some of the improvements in CS-Cart 3.xx, but these may not be important to you:-

The block manager is more flexible on CS-Cart 3.xx

Store front-end has a more modern look

Water marks addon

RSS feed addon

Auto joining of CSS files into one

Ok so I've installed the 3.0.3 & have a couple of questions:

  1. There is only 1 skin (basic) - the changelog said it included 1 new skin. Where's all the other skins???
  2. I am trying to access my admin for my 2.2.5 version & it's giving me a 404 error. I did change the directory path in my config.local.php file so not sure why I can't access it?

Only 1 skin but easier to customise now using grid system and .CSS

What did u change from And to

I am assuming u installed v 3 in another folder and are waiting to import the 2.2.5 to it,

in config.local.php I changed:


// Host and directory where software is installed on no-secure server
$config['http_host'] = '';
$config['http_path'] = '';
// Host and directory where software is installed on secure server
$config['https_host'] = '';
$config['https_path'] = '';


// Host and directory where software is installed on no-secure server
$config['http_host'] = '';
$config['http_path'] = '/_OLD2';
// Host and directory where software is installed on secure server
$config['https_host'] = '';
$config['https_path'] = '/_OLD2';

Not sure what u are doing Bernie, but if u have made those changes in u v3 install and hoping for it to connect to u 2.2.5 that's not it

After u have backed up u old site database you can go to u new v3 install and activate the add on "store import, then use this to import your old store to then new, once all is re arranged to fit and you have tested etc you can then move the whole thing back to overwrite ur old store.

Check out the specific KB or threads before u start it will save u a lot of time

I moved my old (v 2.2.5) store into a directory folder called _OLD2. The changes I made in my local.config.php are on the /_OLD2/local.config.php file, so I can access the old store in one browser window while setting up my new store (v 3.0.3, in my root directory), in another browser window.

So can I use the store import & for the URL path type /_OLD2/ ? does it just import data or what? I'm confused now.

your path would be the same as what appears in your cpanel or ftp programme,

i.e. /home/public_html/brennie/etc etc

And does it just import date (orders, customers, products, etc.) or does it import other things like design?

I get this error: The specified directory does not exist. Please check if the path you entered is correct

The path was just /_OLD2/

but now I have a new problem. It's saying “Error Import from this version is not supported”. There is no Store Import directory under Add Ons to replace the new file with. Do I create a new one?

No you will have a bit of work to do in re arranging your block ans images etc etc' then all words can be exported via .csv and re imported.

Remember this is a major upgrade and care must be taken to ensure all is OK before overwriting your old store.

Check your path, it must be wrong copy and paste in if u can

I do not understand this step:

2. Copy contents of the current archive to the directory where the store is installed with using the 'overwrite if exists' option.

What is the current archive?

I think I got that part working. I post too soon sometimes… Will see how the import works. Thanks for the help!

Ok first problem!

When I try to click on a category or product to edit in admin, I get: [color=#000000][font=Courier][size=3]Error_occurred[/size][/font][/color]

[color=#000000][font=Courier][size=3]I think I fixed that too. I had to reinstall the SEO (& other) addons.[/size][/font][/color]

Yes u will spend some time updating addons, correcting images (I just copied my whole image folder across)

Re arranging blocks, adding links to the footer links' checking ur seo names are the same etc etc

Don't forget to disallow all in robots.txt so goggle doesn't crawl it till u are ready or edit .htaccess to do this

Ok thanks for the tip. This version is way better! LOVE the Quick View! I've come to depend on that in my own online shopping experiences so I'm glad to be able to offer it now to my own customers.

Glad you are up and running on version 3.

Another option not to forget is the auto joining of CSS files into one, in config.local.php under Tweaks:-

Set 'join_css' => true

Also you can enable JS Compression

Set 'js_compression' => true

I am sure there are other enhancements which you find useful.