Vendor's store Menu

Hi, is there a way to have vendor specific menus where store owners can add and edit their own menu on their vendor store front?

Similar to the below example where they have their own menu/navigation for their own vendor storefront page:

Similarly, is there a way when customers are in the vendor’s stores, when using the product filter, the customer remains in the same vendor store where only the vendors products show, as oppose to when using the product filter, it comes out of the specific vendor store and searches throughout all the different vendors?

Depending on the permissions you give vendors (install vendor permissions addon, then you can tweak vendor permissions under usergroups), combined with the menus you show your vendors (using the vendor configorator add on) then yes vendor can have own layout.

2nd one soynfs like a bug, you can post in bugs category.

By default in Multi-Vendor, there is no way for vendors to set up their own menu, even for their micro shop. A custom modification is required.

As for the filters, they work exactly as you describe: they filter only products that belong to the vendor whose microstore is being visited.

Hi All, thanks for the reply and help. I have also fixed the filter and seemed like a bug.