Vendors not updating inventory

Sometimes orders are placed on the store and the vendor will not have them in stock because they didn’t disable the product. This really damages the reputation of the store. Is there a more automated way to keep items in the store updated. Any ideas on how to solve this problem?

So in your store, customers can still purchase a product even if its stock is equal to 0?
There is an option “Out of stock action” on product level that define what should happen with the product if it’s out of stock.

No the inventory level on our store is not correct because the vendors may sell out a particular product through some other channel like their own retail store etc however once a product is out of stock on their end. They will not update the product availability in the vendor panel leaving it visible on the store. And then when an actual order is placed the vendor will report he doesn’t have it in stock putting the customer in a bad position.
So the problem is that vendors don’t update their stock and trying to figure out a solution other than penalizing them for their mistake as we don’t want to chase vendors away either.

But what kind of fix would you like to be developed? Because if vendors are not updating their stock, it’s their fault, and they’re losing sales.
In Poland, lots of our customers are using Baselinker to sync the stock between all the sales channels. You may want to take a look: Add-ons :: Integrations :: Other :: Integration with Baselinker

Yes, vendors make the loss themselves but they don’t take online sales seriously as e-commerce is a relatively new thing in our country. We can’t penalize them either because they are important to our store.

I was looking exactly for something like Baselinker. Is this called a PIM software? What kind of software is this called? Also I notice it is not integrated to Tally Prime/Tally ERP which is quite popular in our country. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I will study it further.

I haven’t tried it but I think SyncSpider is what you are looking for, it will sync you inventory across multiple sales channels including cs-cart SyncSpider - cross platform inventory tracking