Vendor with different database, is it possible?


Is it possible to have different database for certain vendor ? I have one vendor with over 500K products which I think its going to overload the DB and I’m not sure if his products are reliable, I may delete them in the future in which moment I will have issues with this task in cs-cart as it tends to stop when we deleted thousands of products. Does this help me to achieve that that Connecting Additional Databases — CS-Cart 4.18.x documentation ?

Or is it possible to set a different folder where the images are saved for this vendor and later when I need to delete this vendor to delete the vendor images folder and after that to delete the vendor itself which should delete the products with a much higher speed because the images are gone ? Can I set a dedicated images folder for certain vendor on import feed and is this solution reliable ?

@CS-Cart_team , can you please assist me here ?

What you can do to have no performance problems is to use a Hosting provider with Dedicated Server with AMD Ryzen CPU and much RAM and fast file system (example MechanicWeb) and use Redis as Database.

For indexing you can use Searchanise and for imigaes a CDN provider like bunnycdn or cloudflare

for faster dns i prefere cloudflare

if you have all this stuff your website is also very fast with big databases

@webtrader I already have all that set and still with 1 million products on the store it will show problems loading product pages , it takes 8 seconds to load a product page which is alot, I need somehow to reduce it to 4 seconds but I’m out of options right now. I’m using cloudfront for images , powerful dedicate server and elastic search together with best recommendations like Redis for DB or apcu. I’m using cloudflare but its disabled right now due to 100 seconds max timeout limitation. I also optimized mysql ./etc/*mysql/my.cnf , I do constant DB optimizations , etc. Anyway I would import those 500K products but I’m afraid that I will never be able to delete them, deleting such huge number of products can take one week and for sure it will be some error and stop at some point resulting in a total mess, that is why I need either dedicated DB for such users or dedicate images folder.

i dont know if it works and i have also no experience but could this be an option?

CS Cart with MongoDB in the Cloud?

Or via PostgreSQL?

have you analyse also with the browser inspector/performance why your site loading is 8s?

Someone should analyse your store at first. There can be 3rd part modules which make “heavy” requests to database. As a result you receive 8 seconds. Some core requests to DB can be also optimised

@ecomlabs Its also my ISP issue. Using its only 3.5 seconds and 1.57 seconds after the page is catched, so its quite good, only big marketplaces with unlimited funds for server configuration have 0.5 seconds page load. I still need to resolve my vendor issue, its impossible to fast delete 500k products in an easy safe manner. I need somehow to separate this vendor on a different DB or load the images from a different folder.