Vendor Tax Exempt, don' t pay VAT - services, digital products


  1. I see that there is an option to Make an Account Tax Exempt (Customers)
    How To: Make an Account Tax Exempt — CS-Cart 4.16.x documentation
    Most of the vendors for digital products/services do not pay VAT
    It should be also for vendors, or there is any way to make a vendor tax Exempt?

  2. There should be an option in the Admin panel of the vendor to Tick the Tax exempt checkbox

  3. Do not show the Taxes checkbox of product add page when a Vendor is Tax exempt

  4. What is the reason behind showing in Admin Panel “Vendors” and " Vendor’s administrators" when are same date more or less?

If vendor wants to make himself tax exempt (his products do not come with any tax), he can just not mark the tax with the checkbox when configuring his products.

Unless you want to achieve a different effect, in which case please explain it with more details.

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In this case is all right, except that would be good to have an option to hide Taxes checkbox of product add page when a Vendor is Tax exempt

Well, we have this add-on:

It lets you block the selected fields of product edition from vendor. However right now it can only be done manually - you have to add the blocking record for each vendor separately.

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